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Are you an IT-Company or IT-Department? if so, then we can offer a long range of benefits in Profession-Department, DCS ApS.
Here you have access to the exact number of products, as you would find here at Compumail, but for cheaper prices.
You can read more about the benefits below.

Who are we?

DCS ApS is one of Denmarks biggest companies within the IT-Distributor business. We have been in this business for over 25 years, which creates a foundation of which can't be found anywhere else.
Our customers is our top priority, and we always try to honour our customers request and help them with their questions, which secures a healthy relationship and foundation to expand.

Digital Retailer

At DCS ApS we've been there from the start. We were one of the first in the country to use the internet commercially, as our domain has been existing for more than 25 years. We've always respected the digital development and adapted to the changes that's come.

Are you an IT-Company or IT-Department?

You can get benefits such as

Purchasing through our webshop or XML

Credit-options and invoice through XML

Option to pricefiles once every hour

End-user delivery with our drop-shipping

Purcahses using an eligible EAN-number

Same day delivery on orders before 20:20


If you have any questions or are in doubt, about if you can get accepted as a customer in DCS-Regi, you can always fill the form below, then we'll return to you as soon as possible.